elysium IT Services
Products As an IT firm that focuses on the IT requirements of small and medium sized organizations, Elysium-IT provides a comprehensive array of IT services. That includes Software, Web Applications, Websites, Maintenance etc.

We help Customers concentrate on their core business activities while we take care of their IT requirements. elysium-IT is a one-stop IT solution provider and relieves Customers of the trouble of getting involved in the nitty-gritty's of integrating their different office and process automation requirements.

Here are few of our products:

  • eSIMSys

    eSIMSys Web Application for School Information Management which manages multiple institutes using single application. eSIMSys helps schools to automate various processes such as Admission, Fee collection etc in safe and secure manner. Ease of access and easy tracking makes this product stand out among its competitors. Modules include Administration, Transportation, Personnel and Payroll, Accounts, Documentation, Inventory, Assets etc.


  • élan PM

    élan PM élan Practice Management caters to all aspects of a dental practice with efficient clinic management functions. It provides extensive patient record management with categorized search options. Staff records are categorized and maintained effectively. Treatment plan with graphical support makes recording treatment details simpler and faster. Navigation to subsequent steps in the treatment process of a patient helps maintaining an organized treatment plan. Clinic schedule management with staff availability indication makes appointment management effective and time saving. Treatment and prescription reports help easy tracking of treatment history. Bill generation based on patient scheme subscriptions and insurance details adds to the efficiency of the system.


  • CRMS

    A Complete Resource Management System integrating all processes in a Clinic. CRMS helps clinics to automate various critical operations such as Appointment Booking and Tracking etc. Modules include Appointments, Patient Management, Personnel and Payroll, Accounts, Documentation, Inventory, Assets etc.

  • WHIZ

    WHIZ Whiz (Web-based Hospital Information System ) covers all the functions of the hospital. Whiz is highly secure and provides complete secrecy to patient information and treatment records. Whiz supports mainly in these processes: Front Office Management, Patient Medical Record Management, Laboratory & Pharmacy Management, Operation Theatre Management, Equipment Management, Inventory Management, Administration Management, Fixed Assets Management, Financial Management.

  • LIMS

    LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) cater to the automation requirements of a Medical Laboratory. LIMS integrates modules such as Billing, Laboratory, Inventory, Personnel and Payroll, Asset Management, Work Scheduling, Accounting etc in to single solution.