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Architecture consulting

The problem is of plenty, not scarcity.

We are faced with a bewildering array of choice while developing products

Frameworks, tools, and technologies are mandated by client organizations

Basic architecture guidelines are ignored in a rush to shorten the learning curve

Lack of knowledge of specific tools and technologies is affecting the development

A consulting architect can help create a template for addressing the functional and non-functional needs of your product. This would accommodate all the stated and unstated needs of the product and ensure code quality.

Before you start to architect your product, some early decisions have to be made:

  • Cost, effort, and duration of development
  • Structural and operational requirements
  • The business goals of the organization
  • The qualities and attributes of the product

Once we have this in place, then we move on to the stage of architecting the product.

Architecting process

There is no right or wrong way to define the architecture of a product. It is all driven by the business considerations and the availability of skills to develop the product. Following the process described above will most likely make your product successful.

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