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Is Covid19 changing the way IT will be outsourced in the future?

With worldwide lockdowns in place due to Covid 19, businesses have had to quickly overhaul their functions with most of their workforce working remotely. As a result, the definition of what it takes to have a business up and running […]

Is digital revolution taking the human out of the equation?

Digital transformation has fast become an essential to every business, irrespective of the scale of operation. With multiple technologies evolving and changing the competitive landscape irrevocably, businesses face the need to be agile in rethinking traditional approaches and building efficient […]

Covid19 is transforming the outsourcing business with work-from-home as a possible alternative

In the times of Covid-19, the entire game of how an office works has changed. With organizations having to close their offices the entire world’s been thrown into a turmoil. Panic with respect to the pandemic has been compounded by […]