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Cloud Native Apps

Optimize the performance and value of your application using cloud-native.

You want to decouple the application design from physical infrastructure

You want to segregate the application into services & tiers and develop & run them independently

You want your application to scale in-out & up-down as the demand varies

You want your application to be resilient that can survive outages and failures

Cloud-native applications ensure that you have all of your needs covered by making full use of the cloud computing solutions available. These are applications built on the cloud as against on-premise applications that are moved to the cloud.

Cloud-native applications provide you with limitless computing that provides resilience, reliability, and scalability and are available as microservices independent of each other.

With the cloud-native design, your application is decomposed across a set of small microservices. Each service is self-contained and encapsulates its code, data, and dependencies. Each is deployed in a software container and managed by a container orchestrator.

Our cloud-native development services can help achieve faster time-to-market and accelerate innovation. We help you create and deploy cloud-native applications using Kubernetes and DevSecOps tools while adopting CI/CD approach.

Cloud-native development process

Cloud-native allows you to automatically build, test, deploy, and manage your code changes.

Cloud-native development can help you quickly build and launch your applications. The risks are minimized as the failed components can be easily replaced. You can integrate the security features right from the start instead of thinking about it post-development.

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