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ITSM & IT Service Desk

Align IT processes and services to ensure customer success.

You do firefighting of the IT services that you deliver – incidents and service requests are not managed in a streamlined way

You have different SLAs for different customers. Managing them is an integrated manner is an issue

You want to provide great customer experiences, but you don’t have defined digital workflows

Customer satisfaction survey results don’t match the efforts that you put in your ITSM and IT service desk functions

These are good reasons to relook at how you manage your IT service delivery and support. Your intentions are clear that you want to provide great customer experiences, but you don’t have the right processes, tools, and expertise in place to offer them.

Our team of experts can help set up your ITSM and Service Desk functions to align with your organizational goals. We will set up the process, operationalize, and continuously optimize – design, deliver, manage, and improve.

We also run the IT service desk for our customers. We ensure 24*7 coverage with automated tools and frameworks across all mediums – email, phone, chat, and social. Our services come with enterprise-level reporting and analytics that allow organizations to improve their service delivery continually.

ITSM process

We have experience and expertise in using the ITIL framework, ISO/IEC 20000, and DevOps towards bettering IT services and improving business value.

Yes, I need help in managing my IT service and service desk.

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