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Rollout support & management

Application rollout is a continuous process.

Adoption of enterprise applications is low in the organization, leaving a lot of money on the table

Our investment objectives are clear, but the rollout efforts don’t match the investments

Our stakeholders are
not on the same page
- they don’t understand the processes and needs handholding and

User stories are not a part of the process of the rollout. I don’t know what’s in it for me with the new rollout

Every organization is familiar with software rollouts considering the amount of technology that is used in any enterprise. However, most people stumble with more questions than answers regarding user adoption and driving value out of that investment.


Our rollout support and management addresses:


  1. Definition of clear objectives considering existing roadblocks
  2. Creating business cases for the software and rolling out new processes with comprehensive training plans
  3. Have conversations with users and capture the user stories
  4. Form a stakeholder community and get buy-in from them before rolling out
  5. Document decision logs
  6. Identify rollout champions
  7. Test and take feedback – follow the loop
  8. Monitor adoption analytics and keep improving

Rollout and Management process

Our rollout services would ensure user adoption and would work towards achieving the stated and unstated objectives.

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